Letter of Authority

Thank you for taking the first step to save money on your business energy bills with Utilityfair. You are now only three simple steps away from unlocking savings for your business. 

Compare electricity rates

Step 1:

Where possible please print the Letter of Authority on your company letterhead. 

Please download and complete a Letter of Authority, and upload here or return by email.

The Letter of Authority is an essential part of providing you with the best energy deal. It gives us the authority to contact both your current and new supplier, gather data on your usage and negotiate the right tariff for your business.

Step 2: 

Utilityfair confirms the best available business electricity rates and/or gas rates based on your business, meter type and usage. 

Our in-house experts provide you with a free and simple comparison showing the best available energy deals for your business and how much your business can save.

Step 3: 

You choose whether to follow our recommendation for your business and Utilityfair manage the contract switching process for you hassle-free. Your contract will be directly between you and your chosen supplier

Utilityfair will send you a customer agreement form with your chosen supplier. This will specify the agreed pricing and term of the agreement. You must sign this form for your new contract to become effective.


Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

We offer services such as light housekeeping, transportation, grocery shopping, grocery online pickup, restaurant food delivery, curbside pickup, and store runs which are for 10 items or less.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 9am to 5 pm. Monday through Friday. (hours may vary.) We do not always work on weekends but be sure to follow us on Facebook to find our most up to date hours, and our weekend availability.

What stores do you shop at?

Here is a list of our most frequent shopping locations: • Walmart • Piggly Wiggly • Publix • Oxley’s • Mike’s Country Store • Save A Lot • Market Seafood • Sonny’s Meat • Dollar Tree • Dollar General • other convenience stores. If you have any other recommendations for shopping locations, please contact us on Facebook and let us know!

What do you base your prices on when needing transportation or deliveries?

Our prices are based on gas and labor. We do not base it on mileage because depending on your destinations it may be too expensive or non-profitable for us. So, we try to have flat rates for everyone.

How much are your food deliveries?

Our food deliveries are $6 dollars for individuals who live within city limits. Those who live out of city limits such as Funston, berlin, Norman park prices ranges $10 or more. (Prices are subject to change.)

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by checking through our services above! There you would select the service of choice. Please be sure to read description and cancellation policies.

How do you accept payments?

When booking through our website it automatically asks for payment with each service. Reimbursements for food cost may be sent through Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp, Debit/Credit over the phone payments. If paying in cash, please have exact change. We do not carry cash on our persons for safety precautions.

How does food delivery service works?

When booking with our delivery service, we ask you to place the order yourself. This will insure that you can get the order the way you want it, and it alleviates us a lot of time as well! If not, please list the name of a specific restaurant. If there is more than one of the same restaurants, please give the location of that restaurant. When placing your order on the website, please be sure to include meal size, type of drink, drink size or any sauces, what to add or what you do not like to be on your food.

How long should we expect our food to be delivered to us.

Please give us 15-20 minutes after we have called to confirm your booking and letting you know that we are at the restaurant. Expect to have an added delay for busier times. Expect longer waiting periods for restaurants who do not offer fast food. (Ex. Applebee’s, fullers, blue sky, Barbeque Pit).

Do you check in bags to make sure food orders are correct or warm?

Unfortunately, we do not check your food. This is to insure that your food is as clean of a delivery as possible, to prevent tampering of food items. While we pick up your order, We do place your order inside of a insulated bag to help keep it warm.

What can I do if the order is wrong?

We have a 5-minute window for you to contact us and let us know what mistakes were made. For an additional $3 we will come back and go to the restaurant so they can fix the order.

What vehicle do I need to be expecting?

Our company cars are a red Chrysler 200 or a red Dodge Journey SUV.

When could I expect a call back if I could not get anyone to answer the phone or wanted to schedule an appointment?

We will try to return all missed calls before closing time.

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Dublin 2, D02 DF74.

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Utilityfair is an Irish owned company focused on the business energy market in Ireland.