Letter of Authority

Thank you for taking the first step to save money on your business energy bills with Utilityfair. You are now only three simple steps away from unlocking savings for your business. 

Compare electricity rates

Step 1:

Where possible please print the Letter of Authority on your company letterhead. 

Please download and complete a Letter of Authority, and upload here or return by email.

The Letter of Authority is an essential part of providing you with the best energy deal. It gives us the authority to contact both your current and new supplier, gather data on your usage and negotiate the right tariff for your business.

Step 2: 

Utilityfair confirms the best available business electricity rates and/or gas rates based on your business, meter type and usage. 

Our in-house experts provide you with a free and simple comparison showing the best available energy deals for your business and how much your business can save.

Step 3: 

You choose whether to follow our recommendation for your business and Utilityfair manage the contract switching process for you hassle-free. Your contract will be directly between you and your chosen supplier

Utilityfair will send you a customer agreement form with your chosen supplier. This will specify the agreed pricing and term of the agreement. You must sign this form for your new contract to become effective.


Frequently asked questions

What is a Letter of Authority?

It is a letter giving Utiltyfair permission to speak to energy suppliers to get quotes on your behalf. It does not allow Utilityfair to arrange any contracts for you. It only allows us to gather the information needed to get the bespoke quotes for your business.

Why does Utilityfair need a Letter of Authority?

The Letter of Authority allows Utilityfair to communicate with current and potential energy suppliers on your behalf. For example, it allows us to confirm contract end dates, typical annual usage and meter type. These are some of the inputs which help Utilityfair select the best value energy contract for your business. A Letter of Authority is the simplest and most effective way of ensuring you gain access to the optimum energy contracting options and prices for your business.

What rights does signing the Letter of Authority give to Utilityfair?

It simply allows Utilityfair to communicate with the energy suppliers on your behalf. Utilityfair will then provide you with the options to make informed decisions and reduce your expenditure. ​The Letter of Authority does not give Utilityfair the ability to agree energy contracts on your behalf. Nor does it allow Utilityfair to terminate existing contracts.

Does signing the Letter of Authority commit me to working with Utilityfair?

No. There is no commitment arises from signing the Letter of Authority to transfer energy providers with Utilityfair.

Do Utilityfair have the right to enter into a new supply agreement for my business?

No. Utilityfair is not authorised to enter into new supply agreements on our behalf. All such agreements must be signed by a duly authorised representative of you company.

Will Utilityfair invoice my business for its services?

At no stage will Utilityfair invoice you for its services. We are remunerated from the chosen energy supplier when your contract(s) are transferred.

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