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Frequently asked questions

Why should I compare commercial electricity and gas prices or switch contract?

Savings of up to 25% are available now by switching to a better value business electricity or gas contract. Many businesses are substantially overpaying for electricity and gas, including those already on discounted rates. A full market comparison is required to maximise savings and Utilityfair’s independent experts can complete this for you. Utilityfair will provide a recommendation on the best business electricity deal for your business through a free and simple process.

Will switching commercial electricity or gas contract interrupt my supply?

No. Your supply remains completely unaffected. The only change you will see is the savings on your energy bill.

How long does it take to switch electricity or gas contract?

The process is very quick. All of the paperwork can be completed on the same day if you are ready. Once the paperwork is processed the new supplier will register your meter with the Networks Company (ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland) and they in turn will notify your old supplier. The networks company and suppliers send various notifications to each other and the process typiclally completes within a few weeks. You will then receive a closed account statement from your old supplier and your future bills will come from your new supplier.

Can Utilityfair help switch my business energy contracts if I am moving premises?

Yes. Moving premises provides an opportune time to review your business electricity and gas supply arrangements to ensure that it is receiving the best value available.

Can Utilityfair provide assistance to a business starting operations in Ireland?

Yes. We can provide free advice on the most suitable electricity and gas contract for your business and handle the entire energy supplier sign-up process for you.

How do Utilityfair make money?

We don’t charge you for our service. Utilityfair is paid by your chosen supplier for bringing them business.

What if my business has multiple premises, meters and energy suppliers?

This is not a problem for Utilityfair. Our independent experts will do all the heavy lifting of reviewing and consolidating your various business electricity and gas contracts and can manage any switching for you for free.

How does Utilityfair’s reminder service work?

Utilityfair will remind you one month before each electricity or gas contract renewal date and send you an up-to-date comparison of the latest business electricity prices and savings available. With your approval, Utilityfair will then switch your business electricity contract to the best available deal at the renewal date.

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TrustScore 4.9 out of 5

Great Service. Fantastic to find a company that can cut through the confusion in the energy market and give expert analysis on the best energy options out there for your business. Save money and find the right energy product for your business.


Join thousands of businesses across Ireland that rely on Utilityfair for their energy contracts.


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